TCI-Asia pacific 拡大運営委員会報告(2019年3月16日・17日)

We recently held a Strategy Meeting for the Steering Committee members of TCI Asia Pacific in Bangkok on the 16th and 17th of March 2019 to discuss some of the accomplishments last year and the plans ahead for this year.
去年の達成と、今年の今後の計画を議論するために、2019年3月16日と17日にバンコクで、TCI Asia Pacificの運営委員の戦略会議をもちました。

1.Discuss and share achievements,
– (2017-18)   Review plans materialized, budgets utilized,
– (2018-19)  Review plans ahead of us, budgets thereof.
2.Where is our movement now in AP region and globally?  SWOT analysis
3.Review and refresh the code of conduct document
4.Set vision and objectives for the new legal entity (TCI AP)
TCI APとして新たに認定組織になるための見通しと目的
5.Have a good reunion as old friends and comrades